first post for 2014

just one of those days when sleep refuses be there, its over 3am, birds have started their morning calls, more like their morning chirp and dogs their barking..silly me  thinking of haiku and wondering what had happened to me over this 9 months gap…, all i know is i have been busy busy, busy! found a job, moved out of the country, found a place and spends my weekends on sleep and junk food. might have added on few extra pounds. i don’t know how much, since its been 7 months since i last stepped on a scale. thinking regularly of doing this and that but not been successful in translating them into actions (no kinetic energy, only static), hope i am getting my scientific reference correct, even if i am not, i am going to look them up later and amend where necessary…, so i am going to go now, and maybe try to blog more in the future…

signing off…3;34am…, will try to doze off, have to prepare for the upcoming monday blues….


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